Learn more about our construction system

Quattro Houses uses thermal insulated concrete panels produced based on our patented technology. Unlike conventional construction methods, Q SYSTEM has no thermal bridges. These bridges are the source of energy loss and allows moisture and condensation to enter the building.

Sandwich panels, produced in the plant using special tools, are delivered ready-made on site. The huge advantage of these elements is the fact they have a seamless inner insulation that provides up to 80% energy efficiency.



New production technology of precast panels allows their high speed production, with the special design of the panels that could not be obtained before.
The production of high-quality elements of panels has been technologically achieved. During the production, all necessary channels for all necessary installations are immediately assembled. Also, window frames and doors are installed in the panels during the production, but in a way that prevents the appearance of a “thermal bridge”*. The frames are installed partly on the insulation and partly on the concrete section of a panel, thus preventing the possibility of allowing condensation and moisture. The types of materials used for windows, doors, etc. are of no importance for the Q system. Also, the technology of the system allows the use any kind of insulation.

The structure of the panels resembles a sandwich for the reinforced concrete of which they have been manufactured is insulated both inside and out. In that way, negative features of the concrete, otherwise a moisture-sensitive material, are eliminated. Quattro materials with fully enclosed insulation prevent any leaking and reduce noise transmission by as much as 50%.

The panels are assembled by wall-wall and wall-ceiling principle, with concrete pillars that are formed by assembling panels and ceilings. We are building a “massive construction system” by grouting in all pillars and the ceiling into one unit. The panels are produced in the factory according to designed measures, only to be assembled on the location of the future building where they are fastened to form a monolithic unit.



The turnkey project principle that the Quattro Houses Company applies includes not only the construction of buildings, but also all the finishing works and installation of plumbing (water supply and sewerage, electrical and heating system, bathroom fittings), as well as all other features a client wishes. Depending on a real estate developer’s requirements, Quattro Houses can hand in a building in the “shell only” stage.

Each panel in Quattro buildings is a load-bearing wall. Quattro system secures permanent insulation of each façade panel – wall, which made it an award-winning technology.

Inner walls are at the same time bearing walls, and they have thermal and acoustic insulation. Earthquake resistance of structures built by the Quattro system is extremely high. In the standard Quattro construction, the resistance stands at 10 on the Mercalli scale, or 7.2 on the Richter scale. The unique flexibility of the Quattro system construction allows easy way to increase the seismic resistance.

Any insulation (stone and mineral wool, styrofoam, styrodur, etc.) can be used in our structures. If clients opt for materials that are not fire resistant, such as styrofoam, styrodur and the like, they can still be unconcerned. Namely, should a fire occur, the fully enclosed insulation in the Quattro panels is incombustible, and therefore does not result in the emission of life-threatening gases. If, however, the insulation is damaged, it is easy to repair it through refill since it is fully enclosed. Therefore, there is no need for building demolition, wall revision or additional work.


  • Construction of low-energy facilities with exceptional energy efficiency of as much as 80%
  • Fast and precise construction
  • Affordable construction price with regard to its quality
  • Exceptional resistance to natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane, etc.)
  • Reduced emissions of toxic gases caused by heating
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Absence of thermal (cold) bridges in all concrete joints and moisture- and mould-resistance
  • Maintenance and control of the desired temperature in rooms regardless of external factors
  • Implementation of all forms of heating as well as renewable energy sources
  • Lower production cost of flats – more housing units constructed in a much shorter period of time, and therefore cutbacks in state budget funds
  • The construction according to our system is not a “panel construction”, but a modified conventional skeletal system, although according to the Quattro System construction technology
  • Q System was patented in 2009/2010.